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Adding International Providers

Have providers who want to take calls from all over the world?  That is awesome!  Our system is setup to handle calls from all over the world.

When inserting an international phone number, please follow the instructions below.

The country code needs to be entered first, then the number.
For example Austrilia would be:
One exception:
For UK numbers you would enter the country code, 44 then the number.  However all UK numbers start with 0.  Like 0785528164.  So they would need to remove the 0 and just add 44785528164.
Here’s some more details on this:


If you have any questions, please send an email @ myphonesiteservices AT

Customize Your Site!

Have your own .com with us?  You can customize your .com site too look unique!  You can change how your site looks by selecting different themes.

Due to security on our servers, the support team has to manually upload any themes you might want to try.

Free Themes:

Take a moment to select your top 5 favorite WordPress Themes, send in a support ticket with links to the top 5 themes you’d like for us to do upload to your site.