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MPS | Super Website Owner Contest Starts July 5th!!

We want to take a moment and share an opportunity with you.  We are reaching out to you, because you currently have a or a few websites with  We would like to offer you a free UNLIMITED super website owner account (a value of $89.95) so that you can have the opportunity to create MANY sites!
With analyzing the site data, we have found that the successful providers on the system have multiple sites with 3-30 operators per a site.   When you create a site on, you are creating a page that Google picks up and sends traffic too.  Keep in mind, just creating the page does not result in google traffic to the site.  The SEO section of the site setup MUST be filled in – be thorough.  Also there needs to be written text on bios, blogs, etc.
Keep in mind with wanting to get the free gold search term traffic from Google – Google prefers WORDS, not images.
Since we want to facilitate and encourage your success, we are launching a contest for July that starts July 5th and ends July 31st.  The contest winners will receive their funds by August 5th.
To qualify for the contest, you need to create a minimum of 25 websites in your super website owner account (existing websites do not count) and create 3 operator profiles per a site.
$$Contest Details$$
Create 25+ (minimum is 25, the more you make, more $$ you will earn with calls) websites in your super website owner account.
Create minimum of 3 profiles per a site.
See the requirements below for more information to qualify for the contest.
$$$Contest Prizes$$$
This time we are offering CASH to either send to you via direct deposit or check by mail via bank.
1st place – $125
2nd place – $50
3rd place – $25
~ Requirements ~
(for a completed site to count for the contest)
Site Creation – – >
* create 3 operator profiles (minimum is 3, we suggest 3-30)
* create site and FILL IN SEO information filled out (title, 10+ keywords, complete sentence descriptions)
Operator Profile – – >
(operator profile must be complete with the following)
* 1 operator “about me” profile – filled out (minimum of 50 words, select 5 categories)
* 1 downloadable store item (a photo for the customer to enjoy)
* 1 gallery/profile photo (other then operator profile photo)
* 1 blog written (100 words minimum)
Want to participate?  Then send an email @ and we will create you a super website owner account immediately.  Contest starts July 5th!!!
Don’t have licensed, legal 2257 compliant content?  Let us know.  We are offering a content leasing options for website owners.
We will be updating our provider support site with more SEO tips, profile hacks, site suggestions & more.  If there is something we can add to the provider support site – let us know!
If you have any questions, concerns, comments, feedback please take a moment to reach out to support by sending an email at