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Here is information regarding chargebacks.
We will send out a notification if we have deducted funds from your direct deposit for chargebacks.
Here is the email we send out:
We received chargebacks this week from customer(s) that you have completed calls with on our phone system.
We have deducted the amount $amount  from this week’s deposit.
Do to customer privacy regulations, we are not able to to disclose the customers who did the chargebacks.
We receive these chargeback notifications are received without warning. The funds are removed from the business bank account before we are notified.  We process the chargebacks as we receive them.
Once a customer has completed a chargeback, we block their access from our network of websites.  We do appeal each chargeback we receive from customers, however due to the high risk nature of this business, we do not win our appeals.  The only way to win an appeal is to have a customer sign a physical receipt and swipe the card physically in a machine.
Keep in mind you are aware and agree to our chargeback terms each them you do a withdrawal and enter your bank user pin.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.
More information about chargebacks.  Each transaction the customer charges back creates a $35 fee for the company.  We experience high volume of chargeback fees that eliminates any profit and often ends the month end in the red.  This makes it difficult to pay for hosting fees, development fees, advertising, etc.
When you do your withdrawal on, there is the terms regarding chargebacks and fraud before you enter your pin code to do the withdrawal.
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We work with our merchant bank and gateway processors to eliminate risks as much as possible. If you feel a customer could be a chargeback risk, let us know immediately.  Chargebacks hurt all of us.  We do appeal each chargeback, however we have not won an appeal yet to this date.  We are now pursing legal avenues to collect from customers.  If you have any questions, be sure to contact support.